A United States of America Under Donald Trump

There is a small chance that Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. “The Donald” really only appeals to a certain group of republicans. However, he is still the front runner for the nomination of one of the major political parties in the United States. Many wonder what his impact on the U.S. and the world would be. He has given us a glimpse through his campaign proposals, speeches, and numerous public statements.

First things first, while his views are highly controversial and arguably very offensive, he does speak about things that aren’t really touched on by other candidates. The radicalization of young Muslims across the globe is definitely a problem that isn’t spoken about when discussing Terrorism. Granted, that this radicalization happens faster in countries where Muslims aren’t accepted into the greater society of that nation. It was reported in a Gallup survey that 26% of Muslim youth in the United States feel angry.

This number is double that of next listed religious youth population, Protestants. This number is also 8% higher than the national average of youth who are angry. Considering how Islam is portrayed in the media and by candidates like Trump, I’m surprised this number isn’t higher. With Donald Trump saying he wants to keep an eye on mosques and even banning Muslims from entering the United States; there is no doubt that the amount of angry Muslim youth in the U.S. would grow rapidly. It is for this main reason that he was listed as the 6th greatest risk to the world by the Economic Intelligence Unit. His presidency was given this rating based off of his threat to national security.

“His militaristic tendencies towards the Middle East and ban on all Muslim travel to the US would be a potent recruitment tool for jihadi groups,” the EIU said in its global risk assessment.2
This is pretty ironic considering one of the main promises of his campaign is to preserve national security. The only thing more ironic is that “jihadi terrorism destabilizes the global economy” is ranked just as high as him becoming president. So let me get this straight: Trump is going to be the main factor in the problem he is trying to solve. Also, the terrorist organization that he will be fighting against is just as much of a threat, as him becoming president in the first place. Either the EIU is more pro-left than a college campus in the northeast, or a Trump presidency poses serious questions for the future of American diplomacy.

Another area that will be addressed by Donald Trump is our stance on taxes. Trump believes that too many people are taxed and the rates are too high. His tax plan will halt taxes for “75 million households in the United States.” Business tax would effectively be no more than 15% for any business. While eliminating taxes for that many people will definitely hurt the governments revenues, he is hoping that bringing businesses back will offset this decrease. He also wants to eliminate deductions for the rich. His plan does lack, however, a cut for government spending. Many different organizations such as the Tax Policy Center, Tax Foundation, and the Congressional Budget Office concluded that Trump’s tax plan would decrease tax revenues by 9 – 12 trillion dollars. This decrease would happen over ten years, but Trump would have to decrease government spending by about 80% to support this. With his pledge to preserving national security one can assume he won’t be cutting military spending. Where else can Trump cut 9 – 12 trillion in spending? I don’t have a clue, but I doubt the American public would be for cuts in education, social security, and other public services that benefit many Americans.

All in all, Trump’s candidacy has opened the eyes of many Americans. Many people not only fear terrorism, but they also associate the Muslim faith as the face of terrorism. Many republicans also have demonstrated their frustrations with the party as they voice more support for Trump. The “Grand Old Party” may die of old age and not in a very grand fashion. Who would of thought that a billionaire real estate mogul would lead one of the most impactful political revolutions in recent American history.



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