About Us

About Us Graphic APitt Business Review (PBR) is a writing organization in which students can share their knowledge, opinions, and insight on topics and current events pertaining to business and the economy. By writing articles for online publication on our website, our members have the unique opportunity to formally showcase their written communication and critical thinking skills.

PBR writers have the liberty to explore topics of interest or relevance to their major, letting them customize their professional development and experience. In addition to having their writing pieces published on our website, students can post comments and critique others’ articles as well as tweet current events on our Twitter page.  Pitt Business Review provides its members with the resources to build their portfolios and resumes while they develop a professional and substantial online presence.

Our organization is run entirely by our student members.  The PBR Executive board operates the Pitt Business Review website by writing, editing, and publishing articles, in addition to designing the site’s aesthetics.

If you would like to become a member of Pitt Business Review please refer to our How to Join page.

**Due to technical difficulties we recently had to switch domains and transfer all of our website content.  Please keep in mind that while we have been publishing articles for two years, the published dates shown may not reflect the initial publish date.
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