FDA Warns L’Oréal About Marketing

Written by Kristine Aprile
Edited by Sarah Mejia



In the interest of marketing their products, beauty companies often feature models who are digitized, enhanced, and airbrushed. This is especially true when dealing with anti-aging solutions. Although dramatizing the effects of the product, such as extra shiny hair from shampoo is not illegal, marketing facts that make the product a drug is. The FDA recently sent a letter to the famous beauty company L’Oréal for making claims about their Lancôme skin cream line. L’Oreal’s products Genefique and Renergie Microlift creams are being targeted for promising immediate results due to affects on genes. According to the FDA these claims make the products seem like a drug since they are directly affecting the human body. 

However, is it really a drug? A drug is any substance that is ingested or otherwise introduced into the human body that has a physiological effect. In this case, the FDA is correct in asserting their concerns because L’Oréal’s topical cream is absorbed into the body via skin and has a physiological effect: to make the skin appear younger and less damaged. 

Despite the FDA’s concerns, there is no legal case or hearing filed against the L’Oréal Company. The FDA has merely issued a letter to the beauty buffs warning them that their products are appearing to be illegal and if they do not correct either their ingredients or their marketing, the youthful creams could become old news.



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