Become a Writer

Pitt Business Review will accept articles from any undergraduate or graduate students.

To be an active member you will be required to write three articles per semester, not including summer and winter Break. To accommodate different schedules and post content consistently, deadlines are staggered and depend on the individual.  We will hold weekly meetings with fellow student writers to discuss and edit drafts of articles, as well as share comments. Once you have been assigned a deadline, you will be responsible for attending the article workshop prior to that deadline.  Please have a draft of your article prepared for workshops.
Our writers have the freedom to explore any interests or topics related to business – everything from advertising to finance. Articles can cover a vast array of subject matters, such as current events, trends, campaigns, companies, apps, and entrepreneurs, to name a few. Also, your writing may be informative, analytic, or even editorial in nature.

For current University of Pittsburgh please email us at showing interest in joining our writing team. Please include your name, major, and year. We will contact you with upcoming article workshop dates and times.

If not a current student at the University of Pittsburgh and would like to have an article reviewed please email us at with the subject line “Article: [Title of Article]”. Please include your name, major, year and university or college name in the body of the email.

We hope you’ll consider collaborating with us!