NYPD Faces Yet another Scandal

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Movies like The Departed teach people to think twice about trusting the police. The city that most of us think of when we think of corrupt policemen is New York City, and there is plenty of evidence as to why that is true. New York City policemen have been recently accused of a wide variety of scandalous behavior; including planting drugs on people and refusing to give friends rightfully deserved traffic tickets. New York City residents are finally asking Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a full-blown investigation to take place.

In October, sixteen officers were investigated for making their friends’ traffic tickets disappear. They were accused of various charges including corruption. One of the officers is a highly-ranked Internal Affairs Bureau lieutenant who supposedly hinted at the names to be investigated. According to the Bronx District Attorney, Robert Johnson, the tickets would have given the city $2 million dollars in revenue. Days before the ticket-fixing scandal, five officers had been arrested in a gun-running issue, and one Narcotics officer was charged with planting drugs on more than one innocent person.

 Looking backwards into history, one sees that police issues from the past have never been fully resolved. Justice Milton Mollen expressed concern that police scandal tends to come to the public eye every twenty years, and the time has come. The scandal uncovered during the Knapp Commission included collecting protection money from prostitutes and gamblers. Mollen’s Commission uncovered the scandal that policemen were taking bribes, using violence to make people lie under oath, and stealing from drug dealers. After this scandal, many changes were made, such as more training, contact with superiors, and command responsibility. Changes were put into effect, and a new Commission to Combat Police Corruption was created as well; however, this commission does almost nothing to actually stop the scandals from occurring.

Commissioner Kelly has attempted to keep the scandal to a minimum by changing the system of tracking traffic tickets and giving more attention to the Internal Affairs Bureau. These policies have clearly not performed well. Officials and lawmakers have been even more involved in police actions after one officer was arrested due to charges of using a racial slur while telling the story of his arrest of an African American man. The arrest led to charges that the police single out black and Hispanic men for frisking stops.

The police are actively participating in deceptive compliance, which is why the situations are even scarier for the general public. These trusted individuals appear to be doing the right thing and following the procedure of their positions, while in reality they are hiding scandalous behaviors and committing crimes themselves.
The various charges against the police have greatly affected the image of the NYPD and New York City. People are losing faith in the police department and in the city government. It seems as though no one is willing to step up and take responsibility for illegal actions. The charges against the NYPD have hurt the economy of the city in numerous ways: the disappearing traffic tickets have cost the city millions in revenue, and in current conditions, millions of dollars could greatly help boost the city’s cash flow.

The public NYPD scandals have not only hurt the financial health of New York City, but also the residents’ peace of mind. People no longer feel safe with the NYPD. The police department claims to be courageous and just, but in reality, the officers commit horrendous crimes. The NYPD has lost the upstanding value of their name and brand equity by the actions taken in the past and present.

The policemen must be regulated in order for superiors to detect when officers are no longer complying with the rules and regulations of their position. Although Commissioner Kelly has implemented several strategies, they aren’t monitoring any form of noncompliance. New York City must implement the plans that they speak of so often. The Commission to Combat Police Corruption should be taken more seriously. The city should spend money and invest in this commission in order to ease the minds of residents. The system to better record traffic tickets should be closely watched. Kelly must search for strategies that will actually help detect police fraud such as more police car cameras or random meetings to patrol officers’ actions.

Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg can try to break the stereotype about NYPD by working to detect corruption. Although movies like The Departed will always be filmed, New York City must take major strides to implement effective plans and help the public feel better about the individuals they are supposed to trust the most.



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